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Why Independence Day: Resurgence Is A Must See Disaster Movie

Why Independence Day: Resurgence Is A Must See Disaster Movie

20 years has passed since Will Smith’s fighter pilot, coupled with Jeff Goldblum’s scientist, prevented an alien takeover on Earth in Independence Day. Since then we have become even more accustomed to movies about global destruction and alien annihilation – and we are still thirsty for more. It makes sense that a sequel exists considering the original redefined the disaster movie genre on a global scale. The first film obliterated the box office rather handsomely so it’s going to be extremely interesting to see how the sequel holds up against the original in terms of box office takings. Could it surpass the $1 billion mark?


    Out with the old…





                   …And in with the new.

With a vast improvement in special effects since 1996 we can expect a much more fulfilling and realistic looking disaster movie compared to the first (that’s not saying the first didn’t look great, but with today’s technology the aliens and motherships galore will look even more stunning; along with the destruction of all our favourite landmarks.) I’m not saying that the man-made model of the White House being blown up by aliens didn’t look great but compared to the heights of today’s cinematic advances anything in the sequel will no doubt look far better than before. Nothing quite measures up to a high-res depiction of our beloved world blowing up right before our eyes. If the trailers are anything to go by then a very large proportion of the Earth is going to be destroyed, let’s hope that the destruction is balanced with a decent amount of devoted character screen time and some ass-kicking memorable one liners.

Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day


After all, Jeff Goldblum is  back as the computer  enthusiast which means we  can predict he’ll have some of  the best moments within the  film!

The trouble with CGI heavy films of recent times is that they get warped around trying to make the film look good instead of spending time tweaking and tightening the narrative and character development. Fresh examples of such movies are X-Men: Apocalypse (with the finale boasting a hefty usage of CGI and consequently minimising the interaction with characters) and The Avengers: Age of Ultron with which came a mass of CGI robots that simply lacked the needed emotion. I hope that this won’t be the case for Independence day Resurgence as its predecessor did quite a good job at balancing the action scenes with the right amount of drama and humour moulded together. The success of the original was partly due to the scope of the effects but more so due to the stars of the film, Goldblum and of course Will Smith, who oozed so much charisma and flare that they alone carried the alien chaos on their shoulders. Will Smith fights an alien in Independence Day However, as fate would have it, Smith is not retuning for the sequel – as Emmerich put it “he’s too expensive” – to make sense of Smith’s absence in the Independence Day Universe, his character, Captain Steven Hiller, died (off-screen) while testing a new type of fighter jet manufactured from alien technology. His character will still be woven into the narrative so he is still very much a part of the universe, as dead as he may be.


“Welcome to Earth!”
                        – Cap. Hiller when he kicks an alien’s ass.

Liam Hemsworth Independence Day: ResurgenceLiam Hemsworth, who is a US. Pilot, is a newcomer to the Independence Day gang. As well as him there are a few other newer and younger faces that will be seen in the sequel. The beauty here is that due to the catastrophic events of the first film, these younger characters will remember glimpses of the alien attack from when they were kids – this adds another dimension to the characters and makes the events of Independence Day feel like it had a real effect on the Earth.

“It felt that like a family reunion with the new kids. It’s nice to see how the young actors looked up to the older ones. They were very young when the first movie came out, and they’ve probably only saw it on TV.”
                                                    – Roland Emmerich

Only time will tell if the new alien-hybrid weapons that we have manufactured will defend our Earth to the very end.

Independence Day: Resurgence hits UK cinemas on the 23rd June.

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