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Due to the slow reopening of business, the Q2 film market still looks very gloomy at this moment. The delay of a nationwide reopening directly increases the financial burden for many film companies that have already been through a lot of pressures due to the previous two-month quarantine.

Coupled with the Hollywood coronavirus shutdown, it is hard to make a positive prediction of the Chinese film industry in the remainder of 2020.

But with the pandemic crisis almost comes to an end in China, film companies still have a lot of hopes for the second quarter. What will the Chinese film industry look like in Q2?

Here is a prediction report from WeChat media account yiqipaidianying: the Q2 will be the key phrase for the Chinese film market resurgence. Cinemas in less-affected regions may re-open in May, but those based in the key areas, such as Beijing, will need to wait longer.

Re-released titles will enter in multiplexes at the beginning of the recovery stage and by the end of May, some new releases of Chinese blockbuster may eventually bring more audiences to the theatres.

In addition, the re-shutdown of Chinese cinemas may further affect the major film festivals and events in China scheduled this year and the participated companies and professionals.


‘The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty’ Buzzes to Strong Debut

Another long-awaited web series The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty debuted this past weekend on iQiyi. Adapted from the widely known online novel and produced by Jackie Chen, this newly debuted series has got a lot of attention since its early production. At its debut,  The Sleuth has generated wide discussions on different social media platforms such as Maoyan, Vlinkage, and Weibo. Notably, it even topped the Twitter Trending in Thailand before it debuted. As another detective series, The Sleuth is one of many iQiyi’s efforts to open up the genre series market. 


Article from China Film Insider

Author: Estelle

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