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What really happens at a film premiere

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan Fifty Shades Darker UK Film Premiere London Odeon Leicester Square Red Carpet Arrivals

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan (Photo: Dave Benett/WireImage)

Being a massive cinema fan I had attended a couple of premieres in the past but was always in the crowd, so to be on the other side of the barriers and actually be a guest to a film premiere has always been a dream for me.
Following What’s On The Red Carpet closely, I saw their tweet about the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the Fifty Shades Darker premiere in London and it instantly caught my attention.

Having never really been lucky with game and already following them on Twitter, I retweeted their tweet to complete my entry, you never know! Once it was done I did something else and completely forgot about it… You cannot imagine how surprised I was the day after when I received a message from them saying I won the tickets! I was the lucky winner, I was so overwhelmed and happy, I couldn’t believe I had actually won! I called my best friend straight away to invite her as my +1 and ran into my boss’s office to ask him if I could leave early on the day of the premiere!

Once all the “admin” was done, I received the tickets by courier and just holding the tickets felt so exciting, it finally hit me that I’d be walking the red carpet! My next thought was what am I going to wear?! I need to fix up my face cause whose going on the red carpet without make up? Not me!

Luckily, I work close to Oxford Circus so after leaving work on the day of the premiere, I went straight to the shops and went on a hunt for a new outfit! I thankfully found the perfect outfit to wear that evening (looking online the night before gave me a glimpse at what I wanted) and time was going so quick, I had to go to McDonald’s to change before I headed down to Leicester Square for 6pm.

It was raining when I arrived and SO cold, I noticed the crowd struggling to keep warm and I felt sorry for them, knowing what its like to wait as it’s usually me standing beside them!
Fifty Shades Darker Film Premiere London Behind the ScenesMy friend Sarah had got there sooner than me so once we met up we weren’t sure of what to do next and where we needed to go! We finally built up the courage to ask a member of security (they can be quite scary when the crowds get rowdy but hey, it’s their job) who turned out to be really nice and helped us find our way to the queue. Within minutes, we got to the front of the line and were next to walk on the red carpet. *Screaming inside*

The carpet was packed full of people so it was quite hard to distinguish who was doing what but, the décor looked amazing and the carpet was bright red. We saw a celebrity being photographed from the distance but couldn’t recognise them with all the hundreds of flashes!
We made our way down the carpet, and people were shouting Dakota’s name so we were looking around and saw she was right behind us giving an interview! She was wearing an elegant dress and had a coat over her, she must have been freezing! We tried to get closer to take a picture but the guards were “pushing” us along to get inside the cinema. It was kind of impossible to take a photo, a selfie or anything because they kept moving us along. With all the lights, the staff on the carpet, and all the umbrellas we couldn’t see anything so we tried to charm the guard to attempt at one pic at least but it didn’t work!

So we continued our way down the carpet, within seconds we ended up at the doors of the cinema without even noticing and had to go to our seats straight away!
FYI: The “pushers” are also inside the cinema! Damn! Just after climbing the stairs we saw waiters by the screen doors, champagne time!
We got into the screening room and it was dark, as is any cinema but someone kindly escorted us to our seats and we discovered that we had a complimentary bottle of water with some chocolate and popcorn at our seats! Nice!

Fifty Shades Darker Film Premiere London Behind the ScenesOn the screen, there was a broadcast of what was happening outside, more like a live stream so we got to see the cast giving interviews and follow the red carpet arrivals while everyone was being seated.
A couple of minutes later, the cast arrived inside the cinema and started to take pics at the photocall. (Note for later; I need a selfie in front of the background when we leave).
After posing for more photos, they arrived on the stage and we could finally see all of them! We could see THE Christian Grey, a dream come true! He looked smaller than what I imagined but still super hot. The director begun speaking through the microphone and presented the cast (as if we didn’t know who Dakota and Jamie were!). When he was done speaking, I thought the cast would have said a few words but they all left the stage instead. I was gutted we didn’t get to hear them speak. Anyway, the lights started to dim and the film began. I still had my eyes on the cast as they were leaving and was disappointed that they weren’t going to stay to watch the movie, but they were probably in a rush to head over to the private party or something.

By this time, the film’s opening credits had past and me and my friend got into the movie. Throughout the film, I couldn’t help but wonder how many times Dakota had to go the gym to get that amazing body or if Jamie’s wife had seen the film? – if I was her, I wouldn’t want to see my husband’s face between his co-star’s legs, God no! Compared to a normal cinema screening, there was a really cool atmosphere in the room and everyone kept clapping whenever Christian came on the screen half naked, it was kinda funny actually.
Other than my thoughts, my friend and I really enjoyed the film, it was way better than the first instalment although it still missed some intensity from the book.

The film finished and I reminded Sarah that we need to get to the photocall and get our picture but my excitement got crushed because everything was gone! There was no décor, nothing. It was like it never happened. I didn’t expect the fans to still be around but was hoping that the décor would’ve been there at least. It was getting so crowded in the cinema foyer so we made our way out and even the carpet was gone! All that hard work setting up the stage and laying out the carpet had disappeared too! It was still being cleared up when we left but majority of it was all clear, and that’s when I realised my first premiere was over.

Fifty Shades Darker Film Premiere London Behind the ScenesHaving now been able to say I’ve been on both sides of the red carpet at a premiere, either as a fan in the crowd or as a guest, I would say I personally prefer to be in the crowd despite having to wait around all day. In the crowd, you get to see all the arrivals, interact with the stars if they come up to you and take as many pics as you want so the premiere lasts for a decent amount of time whereas, attending as a guest… The premiere feels like it lasts 15 mins because the carpet is super hectic, you can barely spot the celebs and the staff encourage you to go inside the cinema without stopping. The only time you really see the cast is before they present the film which lasts for less than 10 mins.
Obviously the best part of any premiere is being near the stars of the film so I guess you do win either way. Being in the crowd requires lots of your time which can be hard to fit around work so being a guest allows you to arrive after working hours and ultimately seeing the film before its on general release!

I would like to thank Simran from What’s On The Red Carpet who has been amazing with me. This opportunity would never have come if it wasn’t for WOTRC hosting the competition! Thanks to them, I had my first film premiere experience and although there were moments that disappointed me, I did get to walk the same red carpet as Dakota, Jamie and the likes of Rita Ora, E.L James and more so I felt just as special!

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