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When I was reading about the Golden Globe ceremony last week I saw 2 pictures that caught my interest. So my question is: is underwear going to disappear? Soon we will compare a bra to a panda. Greenpeace please do something.

Ok girls, wearing dresses like that is nice but if you continue, Victoria’s Secret will have to go into liquidation. As we all know, designers dictate the fashion of tomorrow, but couldn’t they first use a bit of extra material so that these people can wear some pants? People now think they have to wear miniature dresses: it’s sexy! The stars do it! so I did it myself few months ago. There are now pictures circulating online of me, in 5 inch heels, on an alcohol-soaked dance floor, attempting to keep my boobs under control, free as they were from traditional constraints. The guy who was trying to get me to dance had no problems with I was wearing.

Can we conclude by saying than not wearing any underwear is IN on the red carpet but totally OUT in real life …



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