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Toy Story 4

Woody attempts to make Forky, a toy, suffering from existential crisis, realise his importance in the life of Bonnie, their owner. However, things become difficult when Gabby Gabby enters their lives.

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  • Director: Josh Cooley

  • Budget: $200 million

  • Box office: $1.073 billion

Voice Cast

Tom Hanks

Keegan-Michael Key

Tim Allen

Jordan Peele

Annie Potts

Keanu Reeves

Tony Hale

Christina Hendricks

Los Angeles Premiere

When: Tuesday 11th June 2019
Where: El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

London Premiere

When: Sunday 16th June 2019
Where: Odeon Luxe, Leicester Square, London

Fun Facts

  • Randy Newman who composed the music for the first three Toy Story films, returned to compose the score for the fourth one too!
  • Bo Peep gets driven away in a car with the license plate reading RMRF97 which is a reference to the keys that nearly erased the Toy Story 2 (1999) files before release; luckily an employee had a backup copy at the time and it saved the second film entirely! But, the command “rm-rf” permanently deletes files without confirming so the license is a cheeky nod to this near-mistake.
  • In this film, Bo Peep refers to Buzz Lightyear as her moving buddy which pays homage to the line in Toy Story (1995) when she says to Buzz “I’ve found my moving buddy.”!
  • The team decided to go with the name ‘Forky’ instead of Sporky as Josh Cooley asked his son what he thought the name of the character was at he said Fork Face. They couldn’t use Fork Face but they did feel that the name Forky was more relatable for kids as they wouldn’t know what a spork is at that age!
  • The second film in the Toy Story franchise to gross over $1 billon.

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