Tom Cruise to shoot movie in outer space with NASA

Tom Cruise Space Film

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

When it comes to taking on the impossible, Tom Cruise is no guest to making it possible. And his next venture is surely going to be an exciting mission!

NASA’s administrator Jim Bridenstein took to Twitter to confirm the rumours, that Cruise is in talks with the federal agency to shoot a space movie aboard the International Space Station! *jaw drops*

The out of this world film will also see Elon Musk’s SpaceX come together with Cruise and NASA to make the space adventure a reality. The movie will make cinematic history, becoming the first motion picture to be filmed in outer space and it’s possible this could be the most expensive movie made in history too! You know, given that a whole production crew will be needed in space too! …Or will they set up cameras to be remotely managed whilst the film is being shot?! Ahh, there’s just so many questions and our heads are ready to explode!

Although there’s no word on when we’ll see the feature (and it’s likely it won’t be anytime soon), at least this news gives us something to be extremely excited for in the future!

Author: Estelle

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