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The Operative

Mossad recruits a woman to become an agent and sends her to Tehran on an undercover mission. When her missions become more dangerous, she decides to quit, forcing her boss to find her before she becomes a threat to Israel.

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  • Director: Yuval Adler

  • Box office: $1.4 million


Diane Kruger

Martin Freeman

Cas Anvar

Ohad Knoller

Berlin Premiere

When: Sunday 10th February 2019
Where: Berlinale Palast, Berlin, Germany

London Premiere

When: Thursday 14th November 2019
Where: Picturehouse Central, Piccadilly, London

Fun Facts

  • Some scenes were actually filmed in Tehran without the Iranian governments knowledge. The government wouldn’t allow an Israel filmmaker to film in the streets of Tehran so Yuval Adler hired a German film company (who then hired a French film company) to shoot scenes in Tehran and they never told the citizens what it was for.
  • Martin Freeman replaced Eric Bona as Thomas.
  • The film is based on the Hebrew novel ‘The English Teacher’.

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