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Survival Kit for a Film Premiere aka ‘The Premiere Games’

Got plans to attend a film premiere and need some advice on how to survive?! Read BELOW!

1. Get there super early! You don’t want to be late and not have a good view!

1. get there on time

2. Stay hydrated!! You want to look the best in your selfies and don’t want to collapse before the stars arrive!

2. Stay hydrated

3. Once you have a good spot, STAY THERE! Someone else might take it and chances are you won’t get it back!

3. Don't go

4. Make sure your phone/camera is FULLY charged for when the stars walk out! (You could even buy a portable charger or a charging case which will charge your phone so you know the battery won’t die.) A fully charged phone is a MUST to get those selfies!

4. Phone dying

5. Keep an umbrella with you so you don’t get soaked…After all, this is England!

5. getting soaked

6. Take food with you in case you don’t get a chance to leave and grab a quick bite to eat!

6. keep food

7. Girls, keep a hairbrush so your hair is flawless when you meet the celebs, that they’ll be jealous of YOUR hair instead of you jealous of theirs!

7. Sort your hair out

8. Be friendly to the people around you. They might be nice enough to save your spot for you OR you might even make a friend to go to more premieres with!

8. Be friendly

9. Try not to freak out and stay as calm as you can when the celebs are near…still scream as much as you need to though.

9. Stay calm

10. Stay as close to the front as possible to get the best view you can.

10. get to the front

11. Hold yourself together after you get your pics with the celebs!

11. Hold yourself together

12. Keep a warm coat with you. Especially if you’re out during the winter…and in London in general.

12. Keep a warm coat with you

13. If you want something signed, be prepared! Have everything together so it’s easy to access in a short time scale. (If you spot a celeb and need to grab something out of your bag for them to sign, you’ll be in a rush to get it asap!)

13. Looking for something

14. Go toilet if you need to. Just ask someone near to keep your spot…everyone will need a toilet break at some point!!

14. Go toilet

15. Have the time of your life!!

15. Have fun

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