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Movies Based At Sea



In the Heart of the Sea

In the Heart of the Sea (2015) is based on the non-fiction book about the sinking of the whaling Essex ship in 1820. The story in the film was the one that inspired the novel Moby Dick!






Titanic (1997) is based on the true story of the sinking of 1912’s Titanic. The love story between Jack and Rose is fictional, however everything is else facts.






Jaws is based on the 1974 novel of the same name and is about a man eating shark that attacks beach goers, leaving the police to go on a hunt for the shark before it puts more people in danger. 




Life of Pi

Life of Pi is based on the novel of the same name. The story revolves around an Indian man re-telling his experience from age 16 when he lost his family and was stranded on a boat with a Bengal tiger in the Pacific Ocean.





Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is pretty much based at sea as a whole! We can’t wait for Dead Men Tell No Tales in 2017!






Finding Nemo

The Pixar animation id based under the sea with Nemo the fish being kidnapped by humans, making his father Marling and new friend Dory going on an adventure to rescue him!




Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea is based on a group of scientists searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s. When using Mako sharks to help find a cure, one of the sharks escape and puts the team in danger at the lab.



Cast Away

The film starring Tom Hanks was a global success and even led Hank’s to score an Academy Award nomination! The storyline is based on a FedEx employee who survives a plane crash and is stranded on the South Pacific Ocean.




Shark Tale

The 2004 Dreamworks animation is based on the fishes in Reef City. When the son of a gangster shark boss is accidentally killed, the late shark’s brother uses the death as an advantage to gain a profile within the saltwater fish world.





Finding Dory

The 2016 animation is a sequel to Finding Nemo. The story is based on Dory who goes on a quest to find her family under the ocean.






Battleship is inspired by the board game revolving around the military on ships whilst under an alien attack.





Speed 2: Cruise Control

Speed 2: Cruise Control is based on Annie (played by Sandra Bullock) and when she goes on a Caribbean cruise with her cop boyfriend (played by Jason Patric). Their trip takes a turn when an explosion on the boat occurs and they have to fight for their lives in order to escape.




The Little Mermaid

The Disney cartoon classic is based on the fairytale about Ariel the mermaid who wishes to gain some freedom and experience life with humans unlike her home under the sea.

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