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Minions mania takes over movies


The small, yellow, googly eyed creatures are raking cash in the box office as their world domination continues!

The animated chracters, who speak with silly accents in a gobbledygook non-sensical language, have captivated the imagination and hearts of cinema goers.

Minions, is a spin-off from the DespicableMe franchise and it’s world premiere took place in Leicester Square in June.

Minions-an Illumination Entertainm

The opening weekend of Minions in the American box office reflected the intense level of promotion before the film’s release with more that 115 million dollars taken in US box office sales-second highest for an animated film, behind Shrek the Third.

So what is this cultural phenomenon of their popularity? A popularity so strong that these henchmen sidekick ended up with their own film? Perhaps it’s as simple as their cute factor. Their adorable features appeal to both children and adults and they can be easily drawn and customised.

Their personalities are fun and stupid and with this stupidity they act funny in a slapstick fashion. Their infectious laughter also lightens up the heart of viewers, across all cultures.

Minions are also meme icons and are strewn across social media on a daily basis.

Their mass appeal and constantly growing fan base is testament that these adorable characters are loved, which has in turn sparked huge marketing with Minion apparel,toys, books and even Happy Meals cashing in on the Minions likabilityand allowing Universal to capitalise on this phenomenon.

According to an article in Bloombergnearly $600 million was pumped into promotions and publicity for the film and as one of the most comprehensive and largest promotional campaigns undertaken by Universal.

ent production for Universal Pictures- has a star studded cast have thrown themselves behind the project with Sandra Bullock, Michael Keating and John Haam being some of the famous voices cast in the film.

maxresdefaultApart from McDonald’s Happy Meals, Minions were plastered on Tic Tac packages and their faces adorned stickers on Chiquita bananas. Major online retailer Amazon used Minion packaging on delivery boxes and Sky in the UK used the mischievous critters for their broadband adverts.

It is perhaps this key marketing which has entrenched Minions in popular culture;and love them or not, it seems that they are going nowhere soon.


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