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Magical Words becomes Movie Magic!

Hunger Games and Harry Potter - Book to Film 2015 is going to be another exceptional year with regards hit films which are derived from novels.
Using movie magic, beloved characters, emotions and the book world which you imagine are superbly brought to life.
Time and time again films spawning from already successful books transfer their popularity from page to screen with the prime example of this being the overwhelming success of Harry Potter (There are an estimated 450 million Harry Potter books in print worldwide and the film franchise has a combined gross of $7.7 billion). The Lord of the Rings films are collectively one of the highest grossing film series of all time and the Twilight and The Hunger Games films derived from novels have also been phenomenally fruitful.

Fifty Shades Still Alice and Gone Girl Books to Films  Two of last years box office successes originated from novels-the touching    drama, Still Alice and the psychological thriller, Gone Girl.
2015 brought the adult erotic fiction genre to the screen when Mr Grey was  brought to life. Fifty Shades of Grey was one of the most anticipated films  released this year due to the popularity of the trilogy – 31 million copies of the  books have been sold worldwide and globally the film made almost $570  million.

The Danish Girl Black Mass The Martian and Victor Frankenstein Movies

It seems that the best of  book to  film adaptations are  yet to  come  later this  year:  Ridley  Scott’s  science fiction  film  based on the  2011 book The Martian,  starring Matt Damon, is due to be released in October; The classic horror Victor  Frankenstein is also soon to be released, featuring Daniel Radcliffe and James  McAvoy; The true story of Whitey Bulger will be portrayed by Johnny Depp in Black Mass and Oscar winner, Eddie Redmayne will lead the cast in the biographical drama The Danish Girl.

As a couple of these films are tipped to feature in the 2016 Oscar race there is still time to pick up one of these books before you see a potential Oscar winning film!

Ten hit films based on books

  1. The Wizard of OZ
  2. Casino Royale
  3. The Godfather
  4. The Shining
  5. Jaws
  6. A Clockwork Orange
  7. Goodfellas
  8. The Silence of the lambs
  9. Fight Club
  10. The Shawshank Redemption

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