30 times Jennifer Lawrence was the most relatable celeb ever

Her name’s Jennifer. Jennifer Lawrence. And she’s one of the most relatable celebrities we’ve been blessed to have in our lives so in honour of her 30th birthday today, we’ve gathered our top 30 J-Law moments!

That time she was being interviewed at the 2011 Oscars and she was hungry AF

When she fell on her way up to accept her Academy Award bc nerves and crowds do not go together

And then took a tumble again the following year but this time on the red carpet… ’cause by that point there was no more embarrassment left

But then accidentally kissed Natalie Dormer on the lips at the Mockingjay premiere in London

When she wanted to go up to Jeff Bridges but her inner fangirl nerves were just too much

When she stood in for Jimmy Kimmel and showed Kim K how drunk she got with Kris Jenner

When she creeped up on Taylor Swift like…

Is just there for the food…

And freaks out when someone cool (like Jack Nicholson) talks to her

When she just wanted show her best party trick….

When she declared her favourite part of the day

When she was checking in on Josh Hutcherson’s rash

And celebrated her embarrassing moments

The fact that she isn’t afraid of letting people know she’s not always with it

Or just do the bare minimum when she’s at home

When she couldn’t contain her excitement for fries

And got real about weight conversations

How she didn’t let kissing the hot guys stop her from eating what she wanted too

When she slayed her entrance on the Oscars stage with Amy Schumer

When she did the #ChubbyBunnyChallenge

And got real about her acting secrets

When she had to ask why her humour wasn’t appreciated

When she shoot her shot with Jack Nicholson cause there was nothing to lose…

And drank straight from the bottle ’cause who needs a glass?!

When she got all flustered over Jack Nicholson

When she wanted to re-create that scene from Mean Girls

And literally, redirects any conversation back to the topic of food

But was honest about what happens when she gets scared

When she turns any moments into light-hearted fun

And tells people the truth cause there’s no room for judgement

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Author: Simran

Content manager

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