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How to get tickets to a premiere…

How to get tickets to a premiere…

If your dream is to see Brad Pitt? I have the solution: attend the premiere!Easy thing to say, a little bit harder in reality. It’s hard to get to see your idol but a premiere is just such an occasion. Some people sleep outside for two days before they even catch a glimpse of Daniel Radcliffe’s backside.

In Paris, you can easily buy a ticket on lafnac.fr, for example. The price is around 15 euros. In London it’s a completely different procedure. Unfortunately you can’t just go on a website click, order and pay.

They are still things you can do:

  • Know the right people.

The easiest way to get tickets to a movie premiere is to know someone related to the movie. But I guess that if you are part of this category you would not be reading this article now. Your new rule now is: be friendly to everybody, you never know, one day maybe you will hear, « last week I saw my cousin Quentin Tarantino …. »

  •  Be generous.

Yes, a picture of yourself and Tom Cruise is possible if you invest in charities. Sometimes tickets to movie premieres are sold to raise money for a charity. You can buy a ticket and probably get a tax deduction later, smart!

  • Register with websites

Register with websites that give away movie premiere tickets. Sign up for tickets either by agreeing to receive free offers or by being entered into a lottery system. These are two good websites: www.totalfilm.com and www.first4movies.com

  •  Listen to the radio.

There are sometimes contests for movie premiere tickets. The best for that is Capital FM.

  •  Subscribe to film blogs.

The organisation sometimes offer tickets on their blogs. Two others links for you : www.heyuguys.co.uk and www.thepeoplesmovies.com

Good Luck…


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