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Film quiz of 2015


So how do you fare in the 2015 film quiz of the year?

1  A Disney classic was remade in 2015 with Lily James. What was the film?

2  Colin Trevorrow directed which 2015 summer blockbuster?

3  Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Holt starred in which summer hit film?

4  In Inside Out, how old is Riley?

5  What car did Aston Martin make especially for Bond to drive in Spectre?

6  Who played Whitey Bulger in Black Mass?

7  Paul Rudd starred as Scott Lang in which film?

8  In Kingsman: The Secret Service, who played Harry Hart?

9  Which franchise featuring Jennifer Lawrence was brought to an end in 2015?

10  Who was the actor who took to the screens in 2015 as Steve Jobs and Macbeth?

1 Cinderella
2 Jurassic World
3 Mad Max: Fury Road
4 11
5 DB10
6 Johnny Depp
7 Ant Man
8 Colin Firth
9 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
10 Michael Fassbender

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