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How can I get invited to a screening?

Screenings can go by the name of ‘special screening’, ‘media screening’ and ‘fan screening’ but one thing they all have in common; to get on the guest list you must need to fit a category the distributors are looking for. You may be a social media influencer, a film critic, a member of the press or just a hardcore famous super-fan. Lucky individuals will be selected to attend depending on the audience required for the event.

How can I get tickets to see the film and walk the red carpet on premiere night?

To see the film on the night of the premiere, you must have a ticket to gain entry in the cinema. Tickets can be purchased from charities and agencies however, they will come at a hefty price. Another way to get tickets to a premiere is to win them so be sure to keep your eye out for competitions. If you’re lucky enough to have tickets, you’ll have to walk along the carpet to get into the venue so dress to impress, the cameras might be on you!

Will I need a wristband to be in the crowd pens?

Yes, wristbands are handed out at all premieres now therefore, you must have a wristband to gain entry in the crowd pens.

What time do I need to arrive to get a wristband?

The time you need to arrive to collect a wristband will differ for every premiere. This all depends on the scale of the film, how big of a fanbase it has, what celebrities will be attending etc. For films on a smaller scale such as ‘Daddy’s Home’ or ‘Red Sparrow’, you can turn up on the day to collect a wristband from any time early morning to midday or until the maximum wristband capacity has been reached. For films on a bigger scale such as ‘Mission: Impossible’ or ‘Justice League’, wristbands are sometimes handed out one day prior to the event as well as on the day of the event due to the crowd expectancies and the high-demand for fans to attend the premiere. If this is the case, the production company may announce how they will proceed on handing out wristbands. REMEMBER to check our website regularly for updates.

Where can I get a wristband?

You will be able to collect a wristband from a member of security. They will usually be surrounding the area of the venue and wearing a bright coloured piece of clothing so you can easily identify them.

How are wristbands handed out?

Wristbands are handed on a first-come, first-serve basis and are strictly one per person. Wristbands will be placed on your wrist at time of collection and are free of charge. Once you have collected your wristband, you can leave the area and return when the pens will be loaded (check with security for timings or stay nearby). Wristbands are usually numbered and can sometimes determine where you will be in the crowd pens as security will load the pens in number order where possible.

What happens if people camp overnight?

We do not recommend overnight camping but it does happen for some films which unfortunately, cannot be stopped.

What should I take to a premiere?

Going to a premiere can be a long, tiring day but it’s worth-while when you get to meet your fav celebs for free. It’s best to always be prepared, especially in the cold weather – there is rarely ever shelter at a premiere as the carpet is outdoors so make sure you keep warm! You might find it helpful to take a portable charger with you and some food and drink to keep you going throughout the day. Keep your belongings small so you don’t have to worry about it being banned, it’s best to take a small bag and a small camera. Don’t forget to take an umbrella with you because you can never trust the British weather! You shouldn’t take a large camera with you as security can ban them if they think it will obstruct the red carpet or for any other purposes. The same goes with large bags so try to keep it small.

What time does a premiere finish?

The doors to the cinema will often close around 6:45pm. People will leave the crowd pens around this time. Once the crowd has cleared, the carpet will be rolled back up and the barriers put away. By the time the screening finishes, it will be like the premiere never happened!

Please note: The information on this page is purely advice only and we have no involvement with the event organisers, security teams or venues hosting premieres. Our website is updated regularly as information is subject to change therefore, please check the website often to stay up-to-date. We take no responsibility for any event changes.

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