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Autism Friendly Cinemas in the UK

Autism FriendlyThings that are considered easy and get taken for granted by some can sometimes be challenging for others: enjoying a movie on the big screen, in the dark, with fellow movie-goers is one of those. People who are on the autism spectrum can in fact be overcome with extreme anxiety when faced with long queues, loud noises, busy rooms and space constraints, which turns an experience that should be enjoyable into a nightmare.

Aware that some customers might suffer from sensory overload, many cinemas in London cater to them by offering special screenings. These screenings are specifically thought for people with autism or sensory and learning disabilities, and started being offered in 2011 thanks to a partnership between some of the main cinema chains and Dimensions, an organisation that supports people who suffer from the aforementioned disabilities.

As explained on Odeon’s website, this kind of screening offers the following changes:

• lights being kept on, although at a low level
• lower sound levels
• no advertisements or trailers before the movie
• allowance to move around the room and make noise

If you are interested in attending one of these special screenings, you can visit one of the cinemas below. Click on the logos to browse movies and timings:

Cineworld cinemas logo


Showcase cinema logo


Odeon logo

Vue logo

By Chiara Ceccolini

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