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26 Reasons Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence

26 Reasons Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence turns 26 in a couple of days so what’s better than starting off her birthday with 26 reasons why we love her?! 

1. When she fell on her way to collect her first ever Oscar..

2. And spoke about what was going through her head after it happened

3. The following year when she fell at the Oscars again but this time on the red carpet!

4. When she photobombed Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Gala 

5. During a Hunger Games press conference when she spilt all the mints

6. When she wanted her security to hunt down Donald Trump at a concert so she could say this:

7. The way she described her dress 

8. When she hosted the Golden Globes with Amy Schumer

9. That time she fangirled because Matt Damon was near her!

10. When she was being a good friend and checking up on Josh in front of the cameras

11. When she was cold on David Letterman so she snuggled up in a pink blanket

12. When all she could think about was eating at the Oscars

13. Because she made it into the most famous selfie EVER!

14. The way she downed that champagne on the red carpet

15. When her booger made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon

16. How she managed to save herself from falling AGAIN at the X-Men: Apocalypse premiere

17. When she became the face of Dior

18. When she done the chubby bunny challenge

19. Her explanation on how she learnt how to act

20. When she sung Cher on Conan

21. When she videobombed Taylor Swift 

22. When she awkwardly met Jack Nicholson for the first time

23. When her dress kinda malfunctioned at the SAG Awards

24. That time she accidentally kissed Natalie Dormer at the Mockingjay Part 2 premiere (and liked it)!

25. When her nerves made her run from meeting Jeff Bridges for the first time 

26. The fact that she stands for the gender pay gap and empowers women to be happy and healthy with their bodies along with her one of a kind sense of humour are all the reasons why we love J-Law!

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