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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

15 Things You Didn’t About Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

Where It All Began

  • Hollywood Walk of FameM. Stuart is the man behind the world-renowned Walk of Fame located along Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, California. It was back in 1953 when Stuart first proposed the idea and at the time he was the volunteer president for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.
  • By 1957, four committees were formed to represent different sectors in the entertainment industry; Motion Picture, Television, Radio and Recording. Theatre/Live Performance was added in 1984.

How to get a star on the Walk of Fame

  • Ellen Degeneres and Pharrell Williams Walk of fameEach year, approx. 20 stars are added to the sidewalk. The names of those picked are selected by the committee from a list where an average of 200 names are submitted for nominations each year.
  • Anyone can nominate a potential recipient for a star on the walk of fame, as long as their chosen nominee is in the entertainment industry. They must also have permission from the nominee themselves or their representatives for the star to be considered.
  • Although anyone can nominate, the hidden catch is that a $30,000 fee must be paid for a star to be made, installed and maintained. This is commonly payed off by the fan club, film studio, broadcaster or recording company in which nominated the star. The recipient is required to be in
    attendance when their star is unveiled.

Special stars

  • Muhammad Ali gets Star Walk of FameAmongst the thousands of stars, Muhammad Ali’s star is the only one that is placed on a wall at the Dolby Theatre. This is due to his one requirement that his name is not to be walked upon. His request was respectfully granted as he stated “I bear the name of my prophet Muhammad, and it is impossible that I allow people to trample over his name”. This was not the only exception made for Ali as Boxing was considered as a live performance and contribution to entertainment industry for the Champion to be eligible to receive a star
  • The Barrymore family hold a record-breaking number of six stars on the Walk of Fame. John, Ethel, John D. and Drew all have one star each. Lionel is the only member
    of the family who has two stars on the sidewalk.
  • Apollo 13 Star Moon Walk of FameThe youngest recipients are the Olsen Twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley were only aged 18 when they got their joint star and they are also the only pair of twins to receive one!
  • At the intersection of Hollywood and Vine, there is a special ‘star’ in the shape of a moon dedicated to Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin Jr. and Michael Collins to honour the Apollo XI mission of landing on the moon.
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers and Victoria’s Secret Angels have a special star on the Walk of Fame with the logos of their corporations engraved.

Fun facts

  • mickey-mouse-star-walk-of-fameEven fictional characters such as; Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Kermit the Frog, The Simpsons, Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh and more have stars on the Walk of Fame!
  • There are two Harrison Ford’s and two Michael Jackson’s on the Walk of Fame! Silent film actor Harrison Ford received a star back in the 80’s whilst present day Harrison Ford got his in 2003. Radio commentator Michael Jackson and the legendary King of Pop both got their stars in 1984!
  • Stars that belong to Gene Autry, Jimmy Stewart, Kirk Douglas and Gregory Peck were once stolen and later replaced!
  • donald-trump-star-walk-of-fame-vandalismOver the years, acts of vandalism has taken place on stars. Most recently, US elect Donald Trump had his star vandalised during his campaign run for presidency!
  • Out of the 2,500+ stars that are laid across the infamous sidewalk, 47% of stars are in the motion picture category with 24% in television, 17% in recording, 10% in radio and 2% consisting from live performances!

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